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Welcome to HMC Constructions Ltd, your trusted partner in building dreams across Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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HMC Constructions Ltd have earned the right to call themselves “experts” in the landscaping industry. With many years of professional experience in Belfast and the surrounding areas.

Do you still believe that landscaping is not something that requires a professional landscaping company? It is indeed something that has become popular and famous all over the world.

To give your Belfast house a beautiful and appealing look that also enhances functionality, you need a truly professional landscaping company. It is not only about adding grass, plants and other accessories to your house exterior, but planning it perfectly to give your house a meaningful appeal.

It is better to leave the job of making your house beautiful to the professionals. They know what will suit the exterior of your house the best and what is in the modern trend. You may not be able to decide what is the best for your house apparently and practically.

We are proud to provide clients with a flexible and efficient service.

HMC Constructions

Transform Your Space with Expert Commercial Surfacing & Landscaping

You can rely on our professionals for any commercial surfacing work in Worcestershire & West Midlands, whether you require walkway repairs or a new car park installation.

Get your house ornamented with the skillful landscaping art of our expert landscaping professionals. Add magic to your house with the most creative and modern landscaping techniques and approaches our experienced staff is the best at doing. Feel free to contact HMC Constructions Ltd to discuss your landscaping needs!

Our experienced landscaping staff has what it takes to add character to your house. Get a beautiful look for your house with reliability, affordability, trust and durability. We ensure you will not regret your decision of hiring our complete range of landscaping services.

Contact us if you want to discuss your needs with the best and most affordable landscaping services in Belfast, and the surrounding areas.

HMC Constructions

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HMC Constructions

Recently Landscaping Projects

Here’s a look at some of the recent landscaping projects completed by HMC Constructions Ltd in the Belfast area.

Contact our team if you are looking for assured, professional, and high-quality landscaping services.